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1991 YAK 52

$120,000 (inc GST)

New to Australia. Fully restored with fresh annual.
Dynon main display. New comm & Alternator
Contact : Jeff Hutchinson
Mobile : 0411 808 277
Email :


1985 YAK 52

$ 120,000 (inc GST)

1300 Hrs TT, Annual to 2023.

2nd aircraft is also available, similar Hrs.
See additional information below.
Contact : Peter Gardener
Mobile : 0417 646 838
Email :


Additional Information ...


1985 YAK 52
Price : $120,000 inc GST


  • 1985 Model Original Colour Scheme Good Condition,
  • Annual to 2023,
  • Airframe hrs aprox 1300 hrs TT,
  • Engine is on condition (850 hrs TT),
  • Light Wing Spa – Non Aerobatic
  • Windscreens – all new 2016,
  • New fabric to all flying surfaces,
  • New bearings & attachment bolts
  • New Whirlwind Prop 2016 – 50 hrs,
  • Long range tanks fitted 2016,
  • All Oil and fuel Lines New,
  • New Garmin Radio and Antennae,
  • New GT50 G Meter,
  • Fuel flow meter,
  • AWAL maintenance scheme in Limited Cat.

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