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20th to 26th of May 2019

The 2019 Red Thunder Tactical Formation Clinic (TFC) will be held form Monday the 20th to Sunday the 26th of May 2019. This year we will gather at Kingaroy the former home of No’s 75 and 1 SQN who flew Kittyhawks and Mosquitos. We will then re-deploy to the Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield (home of the Red Radials Northern Forces) on Thursday 23 May 2019. As in past years our Red Thunder 2019 event will see a host of flying and social activities. Flying activities will be intense culminating in the last day’s event; ‘Exercise Poehali’. The social calendar is full of great options including the ever popular Red Squadron Dining-In night held on Saturday Night the 25th of May 2019 at the Toogoolawah Hotel. Of course as with previous years our Natasha’s will be well cared for, so gents limber those wallets!

Further details, including preferred accommodation at Kingaroy and registration for the event, will be published late February, so please stay tuned!


Flying activities will bring together the experience of former and current Military pilots offering Warbird owners a snapshot of combat type operations. All flight activities are well supervised, facilitating a safe environment for continuation training of both ab-initio and proficient pilots in the areas of ;

  • Flour Bombing,
  • Streamer Cutting
  • Close Formation,
  • Tactical Formation,
  • Max Performance Handling, and
  • Combat Manoeuvring.

Our Tactical Formation Clinics (TFCs) are well documented and demanding. You will work hard aiming to achieve competency for Red Thunders ‘Exercise POEHALI’ held on the final day of the TFC.


Our social calendar is stirring and planning has commenced. Proposals for Red Thunder’s 2018 Social Calendar include;

  • Natasha’s Spa Retreat; all that is expected ….. spa, massage, toe nails pulled, Amex Card melt-down, yes the usual things, blah, blah, blah ….
  • Western Pig BBQ; An evening with ‘Troy’ as we roast the Western Infidels
  • Toogoolawah Pub Bash; Band & Drinks
  • Red Thunder Movie Night; Hot-Dogs & Pop-Corn, and the ever popular
  • Red Air Squadron Dining-In Night !

Of course our regular late afternoon gatherings will continue, with the BAR being hosted by the Queensland Warbirds and Vintage Aircraft Association (QWVAA). As always be assured that the usual drinks, nibbles, and flying videos will be on-hand !  Check out the QWVAA web-site and maybe ‘Join-Up’ at

Keep an eye on activities as they evolve. If your new to the Red Thunder Tactical Formation Clinics (TFC) then maybe register your interest below. Hope to see you there !

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