Red Thunder Natasha Activities

"A ladies day out"

Welcome to the Natasha’s Activity Page!

We are pleased to invite our lovely ‘Natashas’ to our annual events! This year, like others before, should see a great range of activities for those girls seeking relief from the testosterone charged airfield activities. Below are just a few of the 2018 activities. Please keep an eye on this page as a range of new activities are currently in the planning.

We encourage feed back, so please let us know if there is something we have missed, or could do better. Email Ceri at, and she will do her best to attend your suggestions. If you like what you see and are part of our group, but haven’t registered with us, please take a moment and do so here.


Last year our Natasha’s enjoyed a lovely luncheon at the beautiful Ravensbourne Ridge Café. Were currently looking at new options for 2019, so stay tuned ! Of course please let us know if you have any suggestions.


The Western Pig Roast (WPR) has become a regular feature at Red Thunder. Held at the Watts Bridge Airfield, Komrade Troy will entertain by providing our radial Komrades a small window into the mind of a Bonanza pilot !  Tickets are required and are available by logging-in and going to the Members Shop.


Whilst the roar of radials and the smell of flight suits in the back bar are more than enough to seduce any mortal Natasha, we anticipate an eventual need for atonement. Natasha Resort and Spa events see the ladies enjoy a day free of the boys and indulge in a spa/ resort not to be forgotten. ‘Squadron Air Transport’ from Watts to the local resorts of Noosa, Caloundra, or further afield generally seal a great day/ overnight! Interested ? Then please drop Ceri a line at


Movie Nights are always a great event at Red Thunder. The charm of a 1950’s theatre, canvas ‘deck chairs’, ‘elegant’ hot dogs, popcorn and a great movie all make for a great evening out with your “squeeze” ! Tickets are available by logging-in and going to the Members Shop.